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Richard Perkins

Richard is an internationally regarded teacher, innovative farmer and leader in Farm Scale Permaculture and Regenerative Ag. He is the author of Making Small Farms Work. He has worked professionally in every major climate zone across several continents consulting to projects, farms and industry, and has also led over 50 solo Permaculture Design Course's as well as dozens of other specialist courses, practicums, and seminars. Richard's project work includes design and site visits on over 250 varied projects in various climatic zones as well as contributing to over 1500 course participants’ site plans. As an influencer, Richard’s Youtube channel has a highly focused following, and his approach to No-Dig (no till) market gardening and pastured poultry production has been emulated by thousands of people in all corners of the globe.

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About this course

This training is a totally self-led version of our intensive Farm Scale Permaculture training.  All material is available upon subscribing.  We recommend you engage fully with the materials at hand in a structured way, and suggest you treat it as a minimum 3-month full time endeavor, or year-long part- time study.   It could take many more months for most people, but we had a desire to create a subscription service to make this accessible to anyone anywhere.  Chapters contain between 1 and 15hrs of streamed video footage, as well as documents, spreadsheets and further resources.  We recommend you put aside a good amount of time each week/month to follow through each section, which may inform your plans even if some aspects are not directly applicable. 

All materials are immediately available to subscribers, so if you are only interested in specific parts then this offers extremely good value.  We aim to add/improve materials based on subscribers input over time.